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Carrot Cake 200g

Carrot Cake 200g


The carrots are mixed in the batter, giving the cake its signature flavor. It is finished with rich cream frosting. The cake is incredibly moist and has an ultra-creamy texture that melts in your mouth in no time. Enjoy the blast of flavors with your family and friends with this delightful Carrot cake. A perfect ready-to-eat dessert option for birthdays, parties, dinner, and more. This is your go-to dessert when you crave something in the middle of the night.

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Carrot Cake 200g

Does the thought of gorging a delicious cake gives you calory nightmares? If yes, don’t worry anymore because we present you with this deliciously rich and healthy carrot cake full of Vitamin A. This healthy carrot cake has a garnishing of luscious lemon slices that are sure to give your taste…


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