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  • Special occasions Cakes in Hosur


    An exquisite and sentimental treat, a heart-shaped anniversary cake honors a couple’s dedication and love. This cake is the ideal focal point for celebrating a significant relationship milestone because it is usually decorated with exquisite decorations, delectable frosting, and maybe a sentimental message. Its shape represents the love and affection that only get stronger with time. 1/2 kg : ₹250.00 1 kg : ₹500.00
  • Baby shark cake

    This adorable Baby Shark birthday cake will make your child’s big day a fin-tastic celebration with its colorful and delectable design, lively underwater embellishments, and adored aquatic characters! 1/2 kg : 1 kg : Note: Please Contact us at +91 75400 51222 for details and order.
  • Special occasions Cakes in Hosur

    Baby-shower Teddy Cake

    A charming and adorable dessert centerpiece perfect for commemorating the impending arrival of a new baby is a baby shower teddy cake. In order to bring a hint of sweetness and charm to the celebration, this cake is sometimes designed to resemble a charming teddy bear, painstakingly constructed, and decorated with pastel-colored ornaments. It’s the ideal treat to celebrate the happy occasion and give the tiny one a whimsical, loving welcome. 1/2 kg : 1 kg : Note: Please Contact us at +91 75400 51222 for details and order.
  • Lacreme Bakery Cafe - Hosur

    Black Current Cake

    Black Currant cake is a moist vanilla flavored sponge, filled with a luscious black currant filling. The cake is typically layered with whipped cream and black current fillings. Topped with black current glaze and chocolate decorations. The black currant filling adds a sweet and berry flavor to the cake, creating a delightful combination of tastes and textures. 1/2 kg : ₹400.00 1 kg : ₹700.00
  • Lacreme Bakery Cafe - Hosur

    Black Forest Cake

    The Black Forest cake is a decadent German dessert comprising layers of chocolate sponge cake filled with whipped cream, cherry fillings. Garnished with cherries, chocolate shavings and chocolate decorations. 1/2 kg : ₹400.00 1 kg : ₹750.00
  • Lacreme Bakery Cafe - Hosur

    Butter Scotch Cake

    An exquisite dessert featuring crisp pieces of butterscotch combined with silky caramel. A popular taste among those who enjoy sweets is the delightful Butterscotch Cake. People of all ages love butterscotch. An endless flavor experience is provided by the creamy, buttery flavor with hints of crunchy butterscotch. If your friend loves butterscotch, this is the ideal present. The cake appears really appealing with the cherries on top. 1/2 kg : ₹450.00 1 kg : ₹850.00
  • Best Cake Offers in Hosur

    Buttercream cake

    A buttercream cake is a delectable dessert made with a rich and creamy frosting known as buttercream. This velvety, sweet icing is skillfully applied to layers of moist cake, creating a luscious, indulgent treat. It comes in various flavors and can be beautifully decorated, making it a favorite for special occasions and celebrations. 1/2 kg : ₹450.00 1 kg : ₹900.00
  • Special occasions Cakes in Hosur

    Butterfly Birthday cake

    Butterscotch Birthday Cake with butterflies A delicious treat with the whimsical beauty of butterflies and the creamy, buttery richness of butterscotch. Perfect to add a little sweetness and a splash of magic to special birthday celebrations. 1/2 kg : 1 kg :
  • Best Cake Offers in Hosur

    Butterscotch cake

    A tasty cake with butterscotch bits that are crisp and combined with silky caramel. For those who enjoy sweets, the delightful flavor is butterscotch cake. Every age group loves butterscotch. An everlasting flavor sensation is provided by the buttery smoothness combined with subtle butterscotch crunch notes. It’s the ideal present for a buddy who loves butterscotch. The cake looks really enticing with the cherries on top. 1/2 kg : ₹450.00 1 kg : ₹900.00
  • Best Cake Offers in Hosur

    Chocolate ganache butterscotch

    The flavors of ganache vary according to its nature. The milk chocolate variant of ganache is creamier and slightly sweeter than the dark chocolate version, which has a rich, deep chocolate flavor. Although white chocolate ganache is rich, creamy, and sweet, it doesn’t have the same chocolatey flavor as the other two. 1/2 kg : 1 kg :
  • Best Cake Offers in Hosur

    Chocolate Mocha

    There is no better chocolate cake recipe than this one! It’s really moisturizing, simple to create, and stunning! The finest whipped chocolate ganache is used to frost it, and Dutch process cocoa powder lends it a rich dark chocolate flavor. It’s adorned with sliced and coated in chocolate strawberries and a lovely drop of chocolate ganache. Anybody who loves chocolate, I’m sure, will love this cake! 1/2 kg : ₹500.00 1 kg : ₹950.00
  • Best Cake Offers in Hosur

    Classic green cake

    The color green is a symbol of life. The Green Pastry Cake, which is covered in structured chocolate diamonds and formed of green gel, adds a lot of energy to the celebration. The visitors are eager to get their hands on the pastry and devour every last bit, even if it means leaving cream behind on their spoons, fingers, and plates. It is well worth the money. 1/2 kg : ₹ 350.00/- 1/2 kg : ₹ 700.00/-
  • Best Cake Offers in Hosur

    Coffee toasted almond cake

    A strong coffee cake topped with crisp, toasted almonds and a sweet, creamy frosting. This cake is that. It tastes, to put it simply, like a double-espresso cafe latte with whipped cream on top and almond flavor. Savor this Almond Coffee Cake! 1/2 kg : ₹250.00 1 kg : ₹500.00
  • Lacreme Bakery Cafe - Hosur

    Cookies and Cream

    Taste the perfect treat with our delicious chocolate cake with a delicious Oreo twist. Rich, moist chocolate cake with a generous layer of Oreo-infused frosting adorns it, resulting in a harmonic blend of rich chocolate flavors and the addictive crunch of Oreo biscuits. A must-try confection for fans of Oreos and chocolate. 1/2 kg : ₹600.00 1 kg : ₹1100.00
  • Lacreme Bakery Cafe - Hosur

    Dream Cake

    Generally speaking, a dream cake is a decadent, rich dessert with flavors straight out of heaven. It’s frequently a multi-layered cake with luscious fillings, rich frosting, and moist cake layers among other delectable components. Dream cakes are a delightful and sweet treat for special occasions or just to satisfy a sweet tooth. They come in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, and fruit-infused. They can also be customized with a wide range of toppings and decorations. 1/2 kg : ₹450.00 1 kg : ₹850.00
  • Best Birthday Cakes in Hosur

    Fresh Fruit Cake

    A delicious and luscious vanilla cake with strawberry that works well for any gathering. It is a flexible option for every special occasion, including birthdays and anniversaries, because to its soft crumb and traditional vanilla flavor. Savor the classic elegance of this straightforward dessert. 1/2 kg : 1 kg : ₹1200.00
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